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I'm Franceska McCaughan, a free spirited unrealistic goal setter who genuinely believes anything is possible - you just have to want it bad enough. I am an Enneagram type 3 known as The Achiever which is fantastic in business and motivating others to their full potential.

I help aspiring entrepreneurs take their creative idea and turn it into a profitable business with a blueprint and actionable steps.

I love traveling, discovering new places and indulging in all of life's simple and extravagant luxuries, all while keeping it real!



I remember securing my first real corporate job 4 months prior to my college graduation and thinking, "man, I've made it. All I have to do now is climb the corporate ladder."

Two years later I found myself overseas, living as an expat with the parent company, pushing my disc drive open, and then closed for hours on end so I could make that money. I had not made it. Hadn't even started to make it yet.

My entrepreneurial journey started 8 years ago by freelancing. As a solopreneur, I modeled for some of the world's biggest brands and worked for the largest industry leader event companies specializing in RSVP Management and Destination Management. I also started my first company which was in cigars. Here I was at the ripe age of 24 years old selling Costa Rican cigars (the factory was in Costa Rica) to the Middle East market (UAE, Qatar, and Oman) and securing partnerships with the largest duty-free in the world, Dubai Duty-Free and Etihad Airways.


A few years later I started my second company, a floral design business, and launched international branches and then shifted into consulting and education to meet a greater demand in a niche market.


Today, I have decided to help you achieve whatever your heart desires. No matter how out there it seems (hello cigar hustler) you can make money and have a profitable and sustainable business.

The most valuable lesson I've learned along the way, that has truly made me into the entrepreneur/serial business builder/go-getter I am is consistency. You won't ever be ready. It won't ever be perfect enough. You won't "feel like it" some days. However, consistency is the key to make your passion profitable. 

My Journey

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A snapshot of my life

I love entrepreneurship but I also love other things like jumping into a freshly made bed, the sound wine makes when you uncork it and it starts to fill a glass, a long warm embrace with the love of my life, the way coffee smells in the morning, long cuddle sessions with my rescue siamese cat-children and how flowers are a sign of perfection, every single time.

If I wasn't building and running businesses or motivating you to build and run your own business, I would travel full time. Franceska means "free one" and that's exactly how I feel when I travel. Before the age of 30 I had lived on three continents and traveled to over 45 countries. I truly believe that you can create a life you love; brick by brick, you can build your own yellow brick road. Life is so much more than making money and achieving your dreams, it's about living and living well --it's leaving a legacy you are proud of, it's doing all the things you've always wanted to, all things you're too afraid of doing. Join me on living the life you love and loving the life you live.

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probably sitting at my desk in Houston working on bringing my ideas to life and creating content that will help you build a thriving and passionate business while designing the life you love.  


I could be here... working from the Masaai Mara.

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