$111.00 USD

Sync Your Business to Your Cycle

This program is a game changer for women who desire to become better in-tune with their bodies, by tapping into their unrealized potential around “that time of the month”.

What you'll get:

  • No-fluff, straight to the point, 28 minute lesson on how to Sync Your Business to Your Cycle (audio training and presentation also included depending on how you like to learn).
  • You'll walk away with knowing what exercises to do and what foods to eat when, to keep your body in optimum health during each phase of your cycle. 
  • You will have new business strategies and structures to implement in each phase of your cycle for maximum output (with less work and stress on you!)
  • You'll have a clear understanding of what to do when during each week of the month to fully capitalize on the magic your cycle brings you (and the untapped potential you've been seriously missing out on).
  • Immediate access to a fully customizable monthly planner on How to Sync Your Business to your Cycle plus homework you can keep track of for accountability.
  • Weekly journal prompts to support you as you embody a new level of acceptance and appreciation for your cycle and the unique power you possess by  fully owning it.