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Taking The Pressure Off & Following Your Dreams

Updated: Sep 7

At one point or another, we’ve all had that “What am I supposed to do? What’s my purpose in life?” break-down. For many of us that came after college, and others later in life once we realized that the corporate ladder we were trying to climb wasn’t heading in the direction of a dream lifestyle, but rather was an endless and repetitive climb towards a lifestyle that we did not want at all. We’ve been told that in order to follow your dreams, we need to find our purpose by following what we were passionate about. But that’s not always the best way to get there, and I’ll tell you why. The way to a lifestyle you love isn’t by following your dreams or even your passion. It’s by following your purpose passionately.

Passion doesn’t get us to our destination, it’s just the way we choose to travel along the road to follow our dreams. Another way to think about passion is that it’s the spark that lights the fire, (the spark that gave you your business idea) but it’s the kindling, which is our purpose (why we want to do what we want to do), that keeps the fire going, ultimately following your dream.

We need passion, but passion needs to be balanced by logic. When the two are fused together then that is how we will get to where we want to go. Balancing out what we are passionate about with the logic of “why” and how to get there, is how we will be able to design a business that gives us a lifestyle we love.

So let’s take the pressure off of “finding your passion” let’s focus on the logic behind the purpose that will help us naturally achieve following your dreams.

Franceska x

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