About Me

I made my first flower arrangement at the age of 6 years old. Each room in my native Texas home had a unique arrangement to compliment the space. Now I call this passion, my job.

My vision is of a better world, enhanced by beautiful experiences, places and the impact flowers make. Sustainably.


With a Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management, Minor in International Tourism and a Masters in Floral Design, I combined my education and passion of luxury travel, hotels and flowers into one platform known as The Hotel Florist.

The result?! A global lifestyle brand that provokes aspiration by combining luxury hotels, travel and flowers.


- Franceska


A global lifestyle brand that provokes aspiration by combining luxury hotels, travel and flowers.


Combining hospitality education, luxury hotel experience and flower design business acumen to create business solutions around flowers for hotels.


Any hotel brand and/or property. We are location independent and there is no one-size fits all in luxury hospitality.


Six months prior to a hotel opening, after change in ownership or ninety-days prior to your existing floral service contract expiring.


The floral budget, strategy, design, purchasing and installation methods will be evaluated to ensure that the floral solution aligns with brand integration, customer interaction, content creation for social media, sustainability and profitability.

I use the impact floral designs and installations make on spaces, guests and employees in a conscious and sustainable manner to improve the guest experience and your business’ bottom line. The cost of flowers in a hospitality business such as a hotel can be significant. However, with the right strategy this cost can be managed and yield a significant return.

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